Maximum Madness – Beta Download

Maximum Madness

Maximum Madness is an awesome vehicular combat racer in which you must attempt to drive your heavily armed truck through a Mad Max-style wasteland filled with enemies attempting to destroy you with their tooled-up vehicles.

Playing like a mix of first person shooting, tower defense and truck driving, you choose the weaponry to attach to the three slots on your truck then roll out into the hazardous wasteland. It’s not long until you run into trouble and must use your selection of artillery to blow up the enemy vehicles that hound you. You can aim by aiming the mouse on the big screen on the left or via the small first person view on the right hand side of the screen (which usually allows you to see further).

You can switch between the weapon placements at the front, middle and rear of your vehicle by rolling the mouse wheel – allowing you to switch between types of weapons and target enemies even if they’re out of range from other placements. Reach the end of a stage and you’ll be able to repair, refuel, reload and purchase new, powerful weaponry such as RPGs and miniguns.

With you driving, shooting, switching between turrets and fending off attacks from all angles, there is a LOT going on in Maximum Madness, making for a wonderfully intense and chaotic experience. Life on the road sure is tough in Maximum Madness, but it’s also ridiculously good fun.

Check Out a Maximum Madness Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play The Maximum Madness Beta Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)