Mayan Death Robots – Alpha Download

Mayan Death Robots

Mayan Death Robots is wonderfully anarchic artillery game that pits massive alien robots against each other on fully destructible 2D environments.

The game plays a bit like the classic Worms, but with faster gameplay, where both players take their turn simultaneously.  Games are local multiplayer only at the moment, with players duking it out across nicely detailed destructible battlefields, full of nice little touches – like your little worshipers scurrying around below you.

Each turn you can either move, build or attack, with an aim to demolish your opponents ‘heart’ while protecting your own.  The short turn time and the way both players move simultaneously, make for some gloriously chaotic battles that really are a blast.  Players can even team up against huge Mayan Gods who are disapprove of your blasphemy, as your followers worship their false idol.

Playing Mayan Death Robots with a friend is fantastic fun, with fast matches full of bombastic carnage, frantic gameplay and lots of obscenity shouting.  It’s Worms with giant alien robots and even more chaos.  Deliciously destructive multiplayer fun.

UPDATE: Alpha No Longer Available