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Mayhem in Single Valley is a fourth wall breaking action RPG adventure that draws inspiration from Zelda, Undertale and The Last of Us, in which you control Jack – a teenage boy who doesn’t know he’s a video game character….yet.

Even before Jack makes any earth shattering discoveries, Mayhem in Single Valley feels like a very different type of RPG adventure. It starts inside one of Jacks flights of fancy – a dream about him being a superhero saving passengers from a doomed airplane. Once the dream’s over though you come back to Earth with a bump, with Jack waking up in an untidy bedroom in a rather dysfunctional household. The father is a drunk, the mother is overworked, the house a mess and the back yard is literally a deathtrap – no wonder you need medication to keep yourself sane! It’s your final day at home before you leave to art college though so maybe you should explore and help out your poor mother before you go…

Mayhem in Single Valley doesn’t play like a traditional RPG adventure. For starters there are no random encounters, no level grinding and the ‘combat’ is more about the items you have at your disposal than stats. In fact the combat is more like a point and click adventure-style puzzle – so for instance when fighting a gang of angry squirrels you can distract them with food or sedate them with drugged food. It’s an interesting system that makes the game feel more like a real adventure than a traditional RPG-style stat focused loot grind. It can also be a surprisingly deadly place to explore, with lots of strange hazards that can kill you instantly – an auto-save function may be handy (we’d recommend saving before you go outside in the current build).

Because Mayhem in Single Valley plays so differently from traditional RPG’s it can take a little time to wrap your head around (specifically the inventory system, the medication and the instant deaths from random hazards), but once you get to grips with it you’ll be rewarded with a truly unique adventure packed full of innovation, fun twists and lots of easter-eggs to discover. An intriguing and inventive RPG adventure that we can’t wait to delve deeper into.

Notes: You can’t hold more than 4 items until you collect your rucksack. To use or throw an item you need to select it in your inventory first. Save your game often and DON’T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR MEDICATION (you’ll find a stash in the bathroom cabinet).

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  1. Thanks for the great write up – much appreciated! I will incorporate your suggestions in a future demo update. Will also be adding lots more improvements and polish too if I’m lucky enough to bring MSV to full production – b

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