Meadows – GameJam Build Download


Meadows is a wonderfully mellow experience produced for #procjam 14, in which you roam an island filled with procedurally generated plant-life which grows before your eyes.

Much like Secret Habitat, there’s no gameplay as such, just explore and admire the beautiful scenery and watch in awe as the plants spring up around you.  You start off on an empty procedurally generated island, seeded with procedurally generated plant-life, with only certain types of plant able to grow in certain conditions.  You then roam the island and admire the spendour as the plants sprout up infront of your eyes.

It’s a relaxing and tranquil experience, that feels like you’re exploring a vast garden on a strange alien planet.  Picturesque and peaceful procedural plant-life.

Download Meadows HERE (Win, Mac & Linux – Press ‘R’ to generate a new island)