Meat Beaters Adventure – Student Project Game

Meat Beaters Adventure is a rage-inducingly tough physics based platformer in which you attempt to help a cow, a chicken and a pig escape from a slaughterhouse (but more often than not, end up getting them killed in horrible ways!)

First thing’s first, if you have a low rage-quit threshold then you may as well stop reading now – death comes fast and often in Meat Beaters Adventure and you’ll need some serious skill, perseverance and a bit of luck to beat it. In the game you take control of a pig, a chicken and a cow, which you can switch between at the touch of a button. Each of the animals has different abilities (dash, fly and stomp), but none of them are particularly agile – preferring to roll around the place like little fleshy balls.

There are only five levels in Meat Beaters Adventure, but due to the brutally tough level design, rather cumbersome momentum-based controls and the fact that there are no checkpoints in each level, it can take some time to conquer them. Each level is packed with horrible ways for your little farm animals to die. Whether it be meat grinders, high voltage electricity or just being pummelled to death by giant fists, you’ll die a lot – in fact it feels like you’re doing the slaughterhouses job for them!

Meat Beaters Adventure may not be for everyone, but for those who like a real challenge and a bit of masochistic torment in their platformers it can be an addictive and fun little experience. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Download Meat Beaters Adventure Here (Widows)