Meat Shift – Game Jam Build Download

Meat Shift is a dark and disturbing industrial horror game where you learn how the sausage is made in the dirty halls of a 20th century slaughterhouse.

Created for 7dfps 2020, in Meat Shift you take on the role of a new employee at a slaughterhouse and meat packing facility at the start of the 20th century. You have two main roles – slicing the stomachs of the pigs as they pass through the machinery and feeding the meat through the meat grinder. In-between your duties you can relax in the break room and tuck into some tasty sausages.

Even when things are going normally in the meat plant there’s a grimy dread-filled atmosphere, a grim workload and little touches of paranoia. Then when things start to go awry things start to get even more disturbing and you really start to question your career choice!

It’s a great little horror game with a very oppressive atmosphere, wonderfully grimy aesthetics and some truly horrendous working conditions. But be warned, you may never eat sausages again!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Meat Shift Here (Windows)