Meawja – Alpha Demo


Meawja is a very cool 2D pixel art action platformer in which you play a black cat who must slice and dice his way through five stages of challenging tests to prove his worth as a Ninja.

In Meawja you control an agile little cat armed with a ninja blade and ninja stars and embark on a fun, nostalgic retro action platforming adventure. The gameplay is fondly reminiscent of a Megaman-style action platformer (but thankfully not as punishing), with you fighting your way through stylish pixel art levels, battling beautifully animated enemies and going face to face with big badass bosses.

The quality of the audio and visual design in Meawja is very high, particularly regarding the enemy animation and the cinematic cutscenes. The gameplay backs this up, with a nice dose of old school action platforming offering fun combat and plenty of secrets to discover. Well worth checking out if your feline in the mood for some retro cat n’ slash action!

Download The Meawja Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)