MECH PUNK – Alpha Download

MECH PUNK is a fast and frantic 6 degrees of freedom shooter where you pilot an agile mech through the air and attach lots of high powered weaponry to it.

Created by Mister Pink (creator of Golden Light), MECH PUNK is a 6DoF shooter that draws inspiration from Neon Genesis and Vampire Survivors. You start the game with a single gun and another gun which you can place anywhere you like in your periphery. As you blast the swarms of enemies you earn XP and level up which allows you to place and upgrade more guns, until you have a mass of high-powered weaponry that fills the skies with bullets and rockets.

MECH PUNK is still very early in development so is lacking polish and lots of features, but the core gameplay shows a lot of promise and delivers some intense 6DoF shooter action. It could maybe do with a bit more of a sense of progression, such as unlocking new areas or introducing boss fights. The controls feel great though, the weaponry is very cool and being able to place them anywhere around your periphery is a great touch. See how long you can survive in MECH PUNK’s bullet-filled skies!

Download The MECH PUNK Alpha Here (Windows)