Mecha Roguelike – Game Jam Build Download

Mecha Roguelike is a stylish turn based roguelike in which you control a cute little mech as it battles its way through procedurally generated levels towards a showdown with a powerful Mega Robot.

In Mecha Roguelike you take control of an adorable, but powerful little mech. Movement is turn based, with you able to either move or attack once per turn. As you explore the procedurally generated levels you’ll come across a variety of different mechs to do battle with, most of which can be dispatched without too much fuss, but you have to be careful – health is limited and you’ll need all you can get for the showdown at the end of the fourth level. As you progress you’ll also come across new weapons and abilities that will aid your progress, such as powerful lasers, teleportation and the ability to knock back opponents.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, it’s a short, but very well made game, with beautiful visual design, a catchy soundtrack and fast paced turn based combat that offers a nice amount of strategy. A cheerful little mech blasting roguelike well worth checking out.

Download Mecha Roguelike Here (Windows)