Mecha Trigger – Student Project Download

mecha trigger game

Mecha Trigger is the worlds only first person typing mech game.   There’s a very good reason why this is the only one – it’s ridiculously hard to control – but that’s the whole point.

Although the striking visual style and spectacular explosions of Mecha Trigger will attract many, this is not for casual gamers – only the hardcore need apply.  Indeed it’ll take a bit of patience just to figure out how to walk forward.  However, once you’ve mastered the type-to-move control scheme, Mecha Trigger is a blast, full of (perhaps not fast paced, but) wonderfully chaotic battles full of colourful explosions and frantic typing.

With singleplayer challenges, online multiplayer and even Oculus Rift support, Mecha Trigger is great fun once you’ve mastered it’s wonderfully complex controls.  That said, if you ever come across a mech walking around in circles, firing at the ground in an online match, that’ll most likely be me!

Useful Commands:

Move with legs move -d (or ctrl+w/a/s/d)
Turn with legs turn -a (or ctrl+q/e)
Fire each weapon with larm fire or rarm fire
Different weapons have different arguments
Make a macro with macro -e =
Execute a macro with .

Download Mecha Trigger HERE (Win & Mac)