Mechaccountant – Game Jam Build Download

Mechaccountant is a fun little game which sees you doing some serious multitasking, as you do accounts while piloting and mech.

Created for the Mechjam III game jam, Mechaccountant is a mech combat game where you need to balance the books while shooting enemy mechs. In the game your normal job is an accountant, but due to a shortage of pilots, you have to step up (while still doing your normal accounting job too).

While piloting your mech you have two different desks which you can switch between. One features the controls for the mech and one features the paperwork, scanner and printer you require for carrying out your accounting duties. You’ll need to master both to become a successful Mechaccountant!

Some of the paperwork is a little confusing, but it’s a fun little mash up of accounting and mech combat that works surprisingly well. It would be great for expanding on into a larger game. It’s about time accountants got a chance to kick some ass too.

Download Mechaccountant Here (Windows & Linux)