Mechajammer – Alpha Demo

Mechajammer is a very fast paced turn-based tactical RPG with horror elements, where a crew of deserters attempt to escape from a grimy cyberpunk jungle colony on a distant planet.

In Mechajammer you’ll be able to explore a large open world cyberpunk city inhabited by occult syndicate hollows and surrounded by mutant-filled jungles. You’re a deserter from the military and after crashing into a hostile jungle colony you need to make your escape. Along the way you’ll fight, bribe and recruit those you meet in a story where your choices have consequences.

The current build of Mechajammer takes around 15 minutes to play through and seems very linear and easy, with you just fighting the occasional horde of mutants as you make your way to a chopper. That said, the isometric pixel art visuals are beautiful, the world is interesting and the way the simultaneous turn-based gameplay works very well – allowing for fast paced gameplay that can pretty much unfold in real-time if you want it to. It’ll be interesting to see what more Mechajammer’s cyberpunk jungle planet has to offer as it shows a lot of promise.

Download the Mechajammer Alpha Demo Here (Steam)