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Mechanical feelings game

Mechanical Feelings is a funny and cleverly designed game set in the year 4022, that sees you using a Historitech™ program and their patented ‘Board of Keys Interface™’ to experience first hand what it was like to live back in the year 2016.

Played almost entirely by swiping the keys on your keyboard in different directions (as they did back 2016, with their primitive, fledgling technology), you boot up the game and are greeted by a cheerful robotic voiceover, who guides you through an episode of ‘Live History’ that allows you to experience life in the year 2016. Taking under 10 minutes to complete, Mechanical Feelings manages to cram quite a lost of narrative into it’s short playtime (if you pay attention to the small details).

The ‘swipe the keyboard to interact’ mechanic of the Historitech™ software is fun, but things really get interesting when the software glitches out and you get glimpses of the protagonists thoughts and nuggets of information about the future.  There are hints of a lost family, you have severe anxiety about chatting to a girl you like and there really doesn’t seem to be much emotion in your life. You are clearly far more evolved than the primitive people of 2016, but are you happier? There also seems to of been some catastorphic events that have taken place in the world, elluded to by news headlines such as ‘Unknown Virus Kills’ and ’10 Billion Found Dead’, and something called the ‘chasmic revitalisation of 413’.

Mechanical Feelings draws you in with it’s clever use of interface and its mocking vision of the year 2016, but If you pay attention to the small details, there’s a surprising amount of depth and narrative that can be discovered throughout it’s short playtime. A highly recommended use of your Board of Keys Interface™.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Mechanical Feelings Here (Win & Mac)

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  1. Wow! So very glad you liked it! I’m so outlandishly flattered, it’s always fascinating to see how different people play the game, your modern art was truly one of a kind ; )

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