MECHBLAZE – Alpha Demo

MECHBLAZE is a bombastic 2D mech combat game that draws inspiration from the Assault Suit (Cybernator) series as you blast your way through hordes of invading metallic monstrosities.

Taking place in the same “Astro Saga” universe as the rest of developer ASTRO PORT’s games (including Supercharged Robot VULKAISER, WITCH-BOT MEGLILO and GIGANTIC ARMY), MECHBLAZE is a heavy-weight side-scrolling run-n-gun mech shooter inspired by the 16 -bit Assault Suit games (a.k.a. Target Earth and Cybernator). You don’t need to have played the dev’s previous games to enjoy MECHBLAZE, but you’ll notice lots of nods to previous games if you have.

The current build of MECHBLAZE features two levels that you can play through in less than 10 minutes and they’re packed with lots of bombastic mech blasting fun. Your mech feels nice and weighty, but it’s also quite fast and its weapons really pack a punch. You can choose a loadout of three weapons (one normal and two special) and you can upgrade them with collectibles as you play. It doesn’t have dual-stick aiming, but you can aim with the left stick and you can lock your aim in a direction to focus on a target.

MECHBLAZE basically has everything you could want from a 2D mech combat game – big weapons, big enemies to blast, LOTS of explosions and huge bosses to battle. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, while still feeling weighty, and the artwork and mech designs are fantastic. Action packed mech-on-mech arcade carnage that’ll make you grin from ear to ear. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MECHBLAZE Alpha Demo Here (Steam)