MechCube: Escape – Beta Download

MechCube: Escape is a very challenging puzzle adventure which sees you exploring a mysterious cube that may hold the key to mankind’s survival.

In MechCube: Escape you take on the role of a volunteer who has agreed to enter a mysterious black cube in search of answers. The cube in question is similar to the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but instead of being full of stars, it’s full of puzzles – some extremely tricky puzzles. Many people have entered before you and the few that have escaped had gone insane, but you still hold out hope as it could hold the secret to saving mankind (and earn you some cash into the bargain).

Each room you enter in MechCube: Escape has a unique puzzle that has to be completed before you can move on. Each puzzle is very different, but they all have one thing in common – they require some real brainpower to crack them (even the very first puzzle is pretty tough). There are also some nasty traps, secret levels, collectible and multiple endings to discover – which can often involve you dying horribly).

It’s a very promising puzzler with great hand drawn artwork, an interesting Sci-Fi narrative and some deviously designed puzzles. Certainly not a casual puzzle game and you may even need a pen and paper to crack some of the rooms.

Download The MechCube: Escape Beta Here (Steam)