Mechnical Guardians – Alpha Demo

mechanical guardians game

Mechanical Guardians, a game being created by MMM, is an addictive Binding of Isaac-esque rogue-lite shooter that is heavily inspired the indie metroidvaina shooter Hero Core.

In Mechanical Guardians you play as an android, sent to dismantle an alien starship before it invades planet Earth. As a Guardian you must fly through the innards of the vessel and dispatch any alien resistance you come across, or risk jeopardising the whole operation by getting yourself slaughter in the process. The game offers a local co-op experience that allows player one to use the keyboard while player two uses a joystick/xbox game pad.

The Mechanical Guardians demo version features eight different androids, all of which have their own weaponry, to help you on your quest and put a stop to the alien invasion once and for all. although each character has a different weapon on start you will come across different weapons as you wander the dark halls of the ship, giving you more freedom and the ability to play it the way you wish.

It lacks a little visual flourish in parts, but it’s still early in development, and all in all Mechanical Guardians is a brilliant little rogue-lite packed with fun and challenging gameplay.

Download the Mechanical Guardians Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)