Mechs V Kaijus – Beta Demo

Mechs V Kaijus is a very addictive blend of arcade action and tower defense that sees you using mechs and towers to fend off waves of attacking Kaiju.

We first featured Mechs V Kaijus on Alpha Beta Gamer back when it was a browser based Alpha and were very impressed with its high quality pixel art animation and challenging Kaiju battling gameplay. In the game you control a Mech that can manually shoot the oncoming hordes of Kaiju, as well as placing upgradeable towers and deploying special units/attacks that are on a cooldown.

Initially you’ll most likely be overwhelmed and destroyed pretty quickly, but as you earn cash you can use it to research new defenses, upgrade your mech and upgrade the two mechs that stand alongside you on the wall. This then gives you a fighting chance against the Kaiju, but it can still be quite tricky as the Kaiju swarm in large numbers and can decimate your wall pretty quickly if you’re not properly prepared.

It’s a fun and addictive fusion of tower defense and kaiju blasting arcade action that shows a lot of potential. The pixel artwork is excellent, there’s a nice selection of upgrades and the gameplay is fast and frantic – giving you a nice feeling of panic as a particularly large wave of kaiju race towards your little wall. Well worth checking out for some kaiju blasting tower defense action.

Note: You can upgrade your towers by clicking on them while in build mode

Download The Mechs Versus Kaijus Beta Demo Here (Windows)