Medbot – Game Jam Build Download

Medbot Game Download

Medbot is a super fast paced Sci-Fi puzzle adventure in which you have only thirty seconds to save the crew of a space station and escape before the life support fails and everyone dies.

Medbot can be completed in just thirty seconds, but first you’ll have to figure out HOW to complete it. You control a humble little Medbot that’s capable of carrying out simple tasks and healing crew members, but not capable of any form of attack – which is a bit of a problem as grotesque alien monsters are invading the ship.

You need to figure out the correct order of actions to perform as you power-up doors, save the crew members, avoid aliens and escape to safety. It’s game over if one of the crew is eaten by a monster, if you’re eaten by a monster or if the timer runs out.

You’ll die a lot in Medbot as you attempt to figure out the fastest and safest route through the game, but it’s very addictive, with you making it that little bit further with each playthrough as you figure out the complexities of the ship and how you can interact with it. It’s amazing just how much one little robot can get done in thirty seconds!

Check Out a Full Walkthrough Video Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download Medbot Here (Windows & Mac)