Meduziak – Beta Demo

Meduziak is a quirky underwater point and click adventure where a jellyfish goes on an epic journey to pick up his kid from school.

In Meduziak you follow the adventure of a little blue jellyfish who runs into some problems as he attempts to pick up his kid from school. On your journey you’ll meet lots of odd underwater characters, search for clues, grab useful objects and solve lots of puzzles.

The demo build of Meduziak features a surprisingly large chunk of gameplay and takes about an hour to play through. It really impresses with its charming hand drawn visuals, silly humor and creative puzzle design. The inventory system is particularly fun, with you physically carrying objects in your tentacles and even wearing things like shades and hats. It could do with a hotspot function and an ability to zoom into some objects (as it can be hard to make out what some of them are), but it’s a very promising puzzle adventure with inventive new ideas.

Download The Meduziak Beta Demo Here (Steam)