Meeple Station – Kickstarter Demo

Meeple Station is a Dwarf Fortress inspired space station simulation game in which you build, manage and defend your very own space station while exploring space and turning a profit.

Drawing inspiration from Dwarf Fortress and Space Station 13, Meeple Station is an easily accessible isometric space station sim that is fondly reminiscent of Rimworld, with a dash of Starcraft-esque RTS warfare. In the game you’ll be able to build and manage your own space station, trade, complete daring exploration missions and defend against pirates, marauders and aliens.

The current demo build features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and allows you to get to grips with the fundamentals of running a functional space station. There’s a lot of depth to the gameplay, with you able to create airlocks, mine resources, craft building materials, hire staff and much more. As much as there is to learn about running a space station, it never feels overwhelming, thanks to its easily accessible tutorial and user friendly UI.

Even in these early stages of development Meeple Station is offers a very polished and easily accessible space station management experience. There’s lots of crafting and building options available, it has a nice sense of humor and the pixel artwork is excellent. It turns out building a space station isn’t rocket science, but it is a lot of fun!

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