Mega Man Perfect Blue – Alpha Demo

Mega Man Perfect Blue is a beautifully animated 8-bit styled Mega Man fan game where Mega Man and his sister (Roll) set out on a glitchy adventure to stop the mysterious Phantasm Nemesis.

Mega Man Perfect Blue aims to reinvent the classic Mega Man formula, while still retaining the core of what makes the Blue Bomber’s games so great. It retains a similar style (and aspect ratios) as the classic 8-bit games, but the character animation is far superior, the movement is a little more fluid and the gameplay is a tiny bit less punishing. The addition of Roll really shakes up the gameplay too, with her dashing and powerful broom melee attack making for a slightly more accessible and modern gameplay experience.

The Mega Man Perfect Blue demo build features two levels, two boss fights and two playable characters. The boss fights are a particular highlight and have easily recognizable attack patterns that you can learn and anticipate. Remarkably, each character has their own unique set of levels, which is great because it means the devs can tailor them towards their unique skill-sets rather than shoehorning them in.

If you’ve always liked the idea of Mega Man games, but failed miserably at them then Mega Man Perfect Blue is the perfect game for you. It should still appease hardcore fans as it’s still a tough game, but it’s far more accessible than the official 8-bit offerings and feels a little more modern. The story is also very intriguing, the pixel art animation is superb and the soundtrack is rockin’. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mega Man Perfect Blue Alpha Demo Here (Windows)