Mega Man Royale – Open Beta

Mega Man Royale is a browser based fan made Mega Man game that allows players to race through a variety of classic Mega Man levels, with the winner being the one who kills the boss first.

A little like the now defunct Mario Royale, Mega Man Royale allows players to face off against each other as they race through classic Mega Man levels. The game currently features five levels that are randomly selected and each player starts with three lives, with the person who gets the farthest or who kills the boss first is deemed the winner. The current maximum amount of players per game is 12, but lone developer JannyWare is confident it’ll be playable with up to 100 players once the new server is sorted.

Your default skin is the traditional Mega Man one which allows you to shoot your blaster, but you can also switch to one that allows you to spawn Rush (Mega Man’s dog), who you can jump on to reach higher platforms. Also, as you make your way through the levels enemies may sometimes drop boss powers for you to pick up and use.

Due to the game it’s based on, it’s a little slower paced than Mario Royale but it feels a little more robust and it’s just as addictive. Capcom’s lawyers are a little less litigious than Nintendo’s too so hopefully Mega Man Royale will be around for a while!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Mega Man Royale Here (Browser)

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  1. You could hit each other or have 4 points equal on the map with the same distance to the boss that some players face if before reaching the boss – to be very cool

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