Megaloot – Open Beta

Megaloot is an inventory management roguelite RPG where your organization skills will mean the difference between life and death.

In Megaloot it’s just you and your equipment against the hordes of monsters in a mysterious tower. You get equipment from chests and the shop, and you can easily equip it by dragging them from your inventory to your equipment slots. The equipment starts off fairly basic, but as you progress you earn better loot, the shop sells better loot and you can combine duplicate loot into more powerful versions.

It’s an easily accessible game that does a great job of fitting everything you need to play into a single screen, allowing you to seamlessly manage your inventory, do battle and do a bit of shopping. It’s also very addictive and has plenty of different loot and monsters to keep you going as you battle your way through the tower.

Join In The Megaloot Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)