Meg’s Monster – Beta Demo

Meg’s Monster is a wholesome 2D pixel art RPG adventure about a little girl who has the power to kill an entire underworld of monsters.

In Meg’s Monster you take on the role of a brutish ogre called Roy, who isn’t much of a human-eater himself, but lives in an underworld society that loves munching on them. One day Roy happens across a lost little girl and reluctantly takes her under his wing. This isn’t really out of kindness – it’s more due to the fact that upsetting her may cause all the monsters in the underworld to die. Unfortunately most of the other monsters in the underworld are keen to eat her, so Roy will have to protect her, at least until he gets to the bottom of what’s going on anyway.

Because it’s got a cute little girl in it and some not-so monstrous monsters in it, It’s likely that Meg’s Monster is going to be lazily compared to Undertale, but it’s a very different game. It’s much more of a traditional turn based RPG adventure and the story is more akin to Monsters Inc than anything in Undertale.

It could do with avoiding spelling out its story quite so thoroughly as it really does spell everything out for the player, but other than that it’s a promising game. The pixel artwork is excellent, the characters have a lot of charm and it’s got a fun sense of humor (often poked at Roy’s awkwardness and ignorance of human behavior). A monstrous adventure well worth biting into.

Check Out a Meg’s Monster Gameplay Video Here

Download The Meg’s Monster Beta Demo Here (Steam)