Melone in the Dark – Game Jam Build Download

Melone in the Dark game

Melone in the Dark, a spooky and very silly Alone in the Dark inspired adventure game made for the Melon Game Jam, has you playing a man who’s absolutely obsessed with watermelons.

Melone is a fancy individual who has one love in life; watermelons. He calls them ‘melons’ and talks about his love for them every chance he gets! His whole home is filled with melons; melon wall paper, paintings, color scheme. Every night he eats melon before bed, since it is his favorite thing. Melone feels that watermelons love him – just as much as he loves them. This all changes when he gets a watermelon from a strange lady in town. She curses the melon – saying that if he doesn’t know his melons, he will be doomed. Cue some very strange happenings in the Melone household!

Melone in the Dark is a very short game, but well worth checking out for it’s bizarre twists, stylish retro visuals and silly subject matter.  A juicy little melon adventure well worth taking a bite out of.

Download Melone in the Dark Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)