Memento – Student Game Download

Memento is a beautiful little SciFi cartography adventure where you control a little reconnaissance robot that can jump like a grasshopper, as it scouts out an alien planet for mankind.

Created by a group of students from CNAM-ENJMIN, in Memento you take control of a reconnaissance robot as it explores dn charts a vibrant alien planet. It’s not a dangerous place, but it does require a little precision as you try to climb to its mountainous peaks using your grasshopper-like jumping abilities..

To chart the planet you need to find high ground and then take pictures of the surrounding area below. As you progress you may even find the wrecks of previous reconnaissance robots, which have data on them that can point you towards a certain point of interest…

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, it’s a beautiful little game with a vibrant and interesting world to explore. The jumping mechanics are a lot of fun and it does a good job of telling its story throughout its short and silent playtime. A great little exploration adventure well worth blasting off for.

Download Memento Here (Windows)