Memoranda – Beta Demo


Memoranda is a simply gorgeous 2D point-and-click adventure that draws inspiration from the short stories of Japanese contemporary writer Haruki Murakami, in which you play a young woman named Mizuki as she struggles to remember her identity and help the other townsfolk find their lost belongings.

Memoranda has truly spectacular visuals that bring a wonderful storybook quality to each scene. The world of Memoranda feels familiar yet strange, mixing and matching various cultures to create something entirely its own. The game’s sound design and music expertly compliment its visual styling, creating tension where required and hinting at a world that extends on beyond the onscreen illustrations.

Where Memoranda falls short, however, is in its writing which comes across as needlessly vague and very often confusing. A stronger opening scene and tighter NPC dialogue would do wonders to help the player find their footing. Never the less, if you’re looking to spend a few minutes in a beautiful world with classic brain-scratcher puzzles, Memoranda delivers.

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