Memory Leak – Game Jam Build Download

Memory Leak is an inventive little puzzle platformer that crashes before you can start playing and requires you to use menu buttons to fix it!

Created for the Magara Jam #3, Memory Leak is an inventive little puzzle platformer set within a glitchy menu system. In each level you simply need to press the Start button using either your character or the mouse, but due to a small memory leak bug finding the Start button can be a little tricky!

You can control your character using the A/D and spacebar buttons, but you can also use the mouse to move the cursor and interact with the menu buttons on screen. You use the menu buttons as platforms and can even activate them to help give you a little more height or distance to stand on.

Memory Leak is a fairly short game that can be completed in under five minutes but it’s a fantastic concept that would be great for expanding on (perhaps with some more menu buttons). The levels are cleverly designed and make very creative use of the menu buttons throughout. A buggy little bite-sized platformer well worth clicking on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Memory Leak Here (Windows)