Memory Leak – Student Project Download

Memory Leak Game

Memory Leak is a slick Mirrors Edge-style first person parkour game set in 2072, which sees you infiltrating an alien base and stealing their technology.

Memory Leak offers fast paced sci-fi action set in a world where aliens and humans are in the midst of a technology war, with you playing a human who’s attempting to steal some of that technology. The first person parkour skills of your character allow you to run, jump, vault, roll, wall-run and slide your way around the game world, and even take part in a little combat.

It owes a lot to Mirror’s Edge and may not be the most original game in the world, but the level design is great and you feel like a total badass when you start stringing together your parkour moves into one flowing motion. A short and intense slice of sci-fi parkour action well worth lacing up your running shoes for.

Download Memory Leak Here (Windows)