Memory Of A Broken Dimension – Beta Download

memory of a broken dimension

Memory Of A Broken Dimension is a heavily atmospheric first person puzzle game with psychological horror undertones that sees you a exploring a fragmented world sector hanging within a frozen data stream within an emulator in an abandoned research station.

Memory Of A Broken Dimension is a truly unique experience.  Once you’ve typed 3 commands (see spoiler below) into the malfunctioning terminal, you access a haunting glitchy first person cyberspace, with a smothering static that feels almost suffocating at times.  Within this 3D cyberspace you’ll solve obscure location based puzzles that reward exploration and experimentation.

The tense atmosphere of the cyberspace in Memeory Of A Broken Dimension isn’t a very pleasant place to be, but it’s strangely captivating and beautiful in it’s own way.  The game is currently on Greenlight, and the devs are making make lots of upgrades and improvements to the game (the latest gameplay footage of the current build looks fantastic), we can’t wait to explore more of this mysterious glitchspace.

NOTE: The initial terminal based section can be pretty tricky.  Highlight the following bracketed section (REMOTE, VOIDSCAN, DIVE) to reveal the three commands you have to input if you’re stuck.

Visit the Official Website HERE

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Beta HERE (win) or HERE (Mac)

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