Mendel’s Farm – Beta Download

mendel's farm 1

Mendel’s Farm is now in Open Beta and available to download through IndieDB.  As we said a few weeks ago during the Closed Beta Test, Mendel’s Farm is a quirky resource management game which uses real life genetics to create a range of weird and wacky crops and animals – from fire breathing chickens to pigs with afros.

The game uses real genetic rules of heredity pioneered by Gregor Mendel and adds a few outlandish genetic mutations to allow you to selectively breed your livestock and crops into something Dr. Moreau would be envious of.  As well as creating mutant chickens, you’ll also have to build, manage and upgrade your farm, and protect your livestock from thieves – from foxes to aliens.

Mendel’s Farm may not be entirely scientifically accurate, but it’s great to see a game that uses some real life scientific theory as a basis for it’s core gameplay.  Just as importantly though, is the great sense of humour and freedom to experiment allowing you to create all manner of  silly creatures.  Weird Science indeed.

Watch a gameplay trailer HERE

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Download the Beta HERE