Meor – Pre-Alpha Download

Meor is a beautiful fantasy themed sandbox game with a custom game engine that uses voxel GPU technology to morph a physics-based world with round edges and materials that can interact with each other.

Think about a voxel-based sandbox world and you’ll immediately think of the charming blocky world of MineCraft. Meor’s voxel-based world not only looks smoother, but the way different materials interact with each other is more realistic too. Interestingly, the game runs almost entirely on your graphics card too, allowing all the voxels near you to be controlled at the same time.

The full version of Meor will be a MineCraft-esque sandbox fantasy game where you ‘ll be able to mine, build, craft and fight monsters. The current build is very much just a prototype that shows off the astounding things the engine is capable of, as you explore, dig, fly around and build using a variety of different materials.

It’s a very pleasing experience being able to mess around in Meor’s beautiful sandbox world. The way the environment morphs as you dig and build in it is quite a sight and it has a very organic feeling in comparison to MineCraft’s block-by-block approach. Water flows over the environment as it settles into puddles, lava lights up darkened caverns and you can mix together materials in interesting ways. It clearly has a long way to go until it’s a fully functioning game, but as it stands, Meor’s core game engine is very impressive and a lot of fun to play around with.

Download The Meor Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)