Meow Wars – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

Meow Wars blends cats and cards as you assemble your team of Feling Ultra Rescue and Recognisance (FURR) agents and take down the evil Commander Catrat in card based battles inspired by War.

Coming to iOS and Android, Meow Wars is an easily accessible cat-filled card battler based on the classic game of War. It features a full campaign mode which sees you taking on the role of Sergeant Agent Alfie – a new recruits at FURR who must defeat brainwashed FURR agents to bring them back to your side, then defeat Commander Catrat, the mastermind behind the evil brainwashing masterplan. Each enemy introduces a new card mechanic to keep you on your toes, and they all have their own cheesy puns and high quality artwork.

It’s a great looking game with a nice sense of humor and feline fighters who are packed full of character. Join in now for some clawesome card battling fun.

Join In The Meow Wars Open Beta Here (iOS & Android)