Merge & Blade – Beta Demo

Merge & Blade features a very addictive fusion of match 3 puzzling and dungeon crawling auto-battling as you combine your fighters to form more powerful ones as you battle your way through a monster-filled kingdom.

The gameplay in Merge & Blade is split up into two phases – the match 3 puzzler phase and the auto-battling phase. During the match 3 phase you are given a randomized selection of fighters and drop them down the screen two at a time to try and form matching groups of three or more fighters. When you match 3 or more fighters then they will merge to earn you a little cash and to make a stronger character with different abilities. You can also use the cash you earn to purchase upgrades during this phase, allowing you to upgrade existing units and unlock new ones.

Once the match 3 phase is over then your band of fighters charges forward into battle with a group of monsters. The fighters attack automatically so your tactics are limited but you can rearrange their formation a little to try and optimize your battle strategy. Once you win the battle then the process repeats as you make your way through each level, upgrading your band of fighters along the way.

It’s an odd fusion of game styles, but it works remarkably well and makes for a very addictive experience. The pixel art animation is excellent and it’s a lot of fun discovering new units and upgrading your forces. See how you fare as you merge your way to victory!

Download The Merge & Blade Beta Demo Here (Steam)