Mergers – Game Jam Build Download

Mergers is an odd little narrative-driven game where an office desk becomes the focal point of a wonderfully twisted tale of drugs, sex, betrayal and subterfuge.

Created for the Strawberry Jam 4, Mergers is a darkly humorous little thriller which is entirely told while looking at a small circular mirror atop an office desk. The mirror in question is indeed used for snorting large amounts of cocaine off, which you can form into lines with a credit card then hoover up with a tube.

As you do lines of cocaine a twisted tale of corporate subterfuge plays out around you as various different characters come into the office, have sex and talk about their plans to screw each-other over. You never see any face (your view is always fixed on the mirror), but each character has their own colored text so you know who’s who and who is about to get screwed (literally and figuratively).

It’s a clever little game that manages to weave a wonderfully wicked tale of sex, drugs and deceit, all while staying focused on a humble little circular mirror sat atop a desk that’s been witness to many a shady secret. The writing is very witty throughout and there are some hilarious moments as the torrid tale plays out. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Mergers Here (Windows & Linux)