Mesozoica – Tech Demo

Mesozoica Game Download

Mesozoica is a very promising new game that will allow players to build their very own Jurassic Park, populating it with over 60 species of dinosaur, and even controlling them in third person, whilst attempting to keep their visitors (reasonably) safe.

The current Tech Demo of Mesozoica is very early in development, with only a handful of dinosaurs and building options available but shows a lot of promise. The temporary grid based building area isn’t much to look at, but the dinosaur, building and scenery models are very detailed and the interface is very easy to use. There’s no business model implemented yet, you simply build whatever you like and click on the dinosaurs to take control of them, but it’s a good taster of what to expect from full game.

The full game will feature a lot more dinos, a modular building system that allows for an incredible amount of customization, a dynamic weather system, advanced AI, terraforming, different biomes and a full theme park business management system that sees you balancing cash, attractions and visitor safety. It really does look like it will have everything you could ever ask for to build and manage your own Jurassic Park – hopefully Jeff Goldblum comes as DLC!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Tech Demo is No Longer Available