Metal Gear Survive – Open Beta (PS4 & Xbox One)

Metal Gear Survive is now in Open Beta on PS4 and Xbox One, with players able to download and play Konami’s Kojima-less Metal Gear spin-off that sees you attempting to survive in a land populated by zombie-esque infected soldiers.

In the Beta you’ll be able to jump into the multiplayer co-op mode where you can build, defend and fight alongside up to three other players. It features two stages, Wrecked Base and Deserted Mine, with three different missions available to play within them. The Beta finishes on Jan 21st and those that take part in the Beta will also earn bonus items for the full game, including a FOXHOUND name player, a bandana and a Metal Gear REX head accessory.

A lot of people have (understandably) written off Metal Gear Survive as a Konami cash-in, but it does have potential. It’s unlikely it’ll stand up to any of the Kojima-helmed games, but it’s a curious oddity, well worth checking out if you’re into Metal Gear and survival games. It reuses a lot of the assets and gameplay mechanics from MGS5 so Konami surely can’t go too far wrong (unless they pull an EA and kill it with loot boxes and microtransactions!)

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available