Metal: Hellsinger – Beta Demo

Metal: Hellsinger is a demon-blasting rhythm FPS where you slay to the beat to amp up your damage and the music.

In Metal: Hellsinger you fight your way through the depths of Hell and you don’t just listen to the metal soundtrack, you sync your attacks up to it. Your aim is to dethrone the Red Judge who rules the Infernal Planes, and to do that you’ll need some FPS skills and a lot of rhythm.

Metal: Hellsinger features a full original metal soundtrack from artists such as Tankian (System of a Down), Matt Heafy (Trivium) and Randy Blythe (Lamb of God). You can attack off-beat to do normal damage, but to really cause some pain you need to attack on the beat. The more on-beat attacks you chain together, the more the song builds and the more damage you do.

The Metal: Hellsinger demo features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and is a lot of fun to play. It plays a lot like a classic DOOM style FPS, but the rhythm element is a gamechanger. Whether you enjoy the game will really depend on how good your sense of rhythm is but if you can stick to the beat it’s a blast when you get in the zone. Time to grab your guns and get your groove on!

Download The Metal: Hellsinger Beta Demo Here (Steam)