Metal Slug Tactics – Beta Demo

Metal Slug Tactics is an isometric turn-based tactics game with roguelite elements, which takes place in the Metal Slug universe.

In Metal Slug Tactics you will command iconic characters from the Metal Slug series as they go out on tactical missions to thwart Morden’s plans. The turn-based tactical gameplay is similar to X-Com, with your characters able to move and perform actions once per turn. It also has a roguelite progression system, environmental destruction and the ability to use environmental objects to your advantage (such as dropping explosive barrels on the enemy).

It’s not quite as easily accessible as X-Com, but it’s got plenty of character, the pixel art animation is superb and it’s nice to be back in the Metal Slug universe. God knows when we’ll get an actual Metal Slug game, but Metal Slug Tactics certainly scratches that itch a little.

Download The Metal Slug Tactics Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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