Metal War Online: Retribution – Open Beta (Steam)

Metal War Online

Metal War Online: retribution, a game being created by GDT Limited on Steam Early Access, is an extremely fun car/tank arena combat game that pits you with a team of other drivers against an opposing team who are out to slaughter you.

It’s a PvP style arena combat game but instead of people or monsters tearing each other apart, you drive around in armoured vehicles loaded to the teeth with guns of varying types. The basic car type you have is an ASK – a scout like vehicle with a machine gun attached on top, with the added side bonuses of dual lock on rocket launchers and a short burst stealth drive making you invisible to the enemy around you. The other one you have is a large tank, capable of shielding yourself from time to time and blow holes into the opposing players with a few swift trigger presses. The vehicles on offer are extremely massive, with newer vehicles being unlocked as you level up your account.

Metal War Online: retribution handles wonderfully, although it does at times jerk you away from where you were actually aiming which can be a pain. Other than that issue it’s a fun vehicular combat game that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Download the Metal War Online: Retribution Beta Here (Steam)