METAMAZE – Download Game

METAMAZE is an atmospheric little existential adventure where a 2D character dreams of moving in 3D.

Created by Adam Pype (creator of SPOOKWARE and No Players Online), for a game jam where all the developers had to use the same assets, METAMAZE is an eerie little adventure where a 2D character realizes his dream of moving in 3D. He’s fed up of being stuck in a boring 2D world, only able to go left and right, he wants to go forwards and backwards too! Today he gets his wish.

In the game you control your character as you normally would in a 2D platformer, but when he starts to envision the 3D world you have to figure out how to move through that too. This means you have to move in the 2D world and the 3D world simultaneously, which is a little tricky and cumbersome, but at least you finally manage to move in 3D!

Taking around 5 to 10 minutes to play through, it’s an interesting little game with a very clever premise and a nice little message about the grass not always being greener on the other side. A multidimensional oddity well worth checking out.

Download METAMAZE Here (Windows)