Metanoia – Prototype Download

metanoia game

Metanoia is a beautiful and relaxing blend of snowboarding and Journey, in which you attempt to gain enough momentum to climb mountains and connect the stars.

A little like Journey, the world of Metanoia is sparse, serene and beautiful. You control an odd looking object/vehicle that can slide through the landscape and ‘crouch’ when sliding down hill to pick op more momentum.

Once you’ve figured out how to build up your momentum, larger hills start to appear, allowing you to build up even more momentum, and then you’ll come across giant mountains with mysterious artefacts hovering above them. Your goal is to reach the point underneath all these artefacts and connect the stars in the sky.

The mysterious mountainous landscape of Metanoia is a joy to explore, with it’s beautiful visuals and atmospheric audio making for a very chilled out experience as you carve your way through the world. The most serene snowboarding game you’ll ever play!

Note: Control Pad Required. To build up momentum, press the Right Trigger when at the apex of a hill.

Check Out A Metanoia Gameplay Video Here

Download Metanoia Here (Windows Only)