Metaverse Keeper – Beta Demo

Metaverse Keeper is a challenging Binding of Isaac/Enter The Gungeon-esque dungeon crawling roguelite with co-op play and a wide variety of weapons, items and upgrades to help dispatch your enemies with.

In Metaverse Keeper you have a choice of four different heroes, each with their own unique stats and powers. You can choose which hero you wish to play as then jump into a dungeon in single player or co-op (only local co-op in the current build but online co-op will be in the full release).

The dungeons (dubbed “bastions”), are procedurally generated and they contain a mixture of secrets, shops, loot, lots of enemies and powerful bosses. Much like in The Binding of Isaac you can’t escape from a room until you kill all the enemies within it and as you progress you’ll collect lots of useful loot to increase your chances of survival. Interestingly though, it doesn’t feature a twin-stick control method, so your aiming and movement is all done with the left stick, which is okay if you’re using a melee weapon, but feels a little awkward if using a ranged weapon.

Other than the lack of twin-stick aiming Metaverse Keeper is a very impressive game with beautifully animated visuals, lots of fun upgrades and procedurally generated dungeons that offer a high level of challenge. It’s like The Binding of Isaac in space, but with co-op play and a bit less poop!

Check Out Metaverse The Keeper Steam Page Here

Download The Metaverse Keeper Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)