Meteo: Façade – Alpha Demo

meteo facade

Meteo: Facade is a great looking first person point and click adventure in which you wake in in a mysterious underground labyrinth with a strangely naïve girl called Sunnie, and must solve intricate puzzles in order to escape.

This odd underground labyrinth has some beautiful sights to discover and tricky puzzles to decipher. Thankfully though, you don’t have to do it on your own, Sunnie lends a hand where she can.  Throughout the course of the three levels you’ll get to know Sunnie, a pretty and rather odd character who seems remarkably naïve about the outside world.

Even in these early stages of development Meteo: Facade is an impressive game, with great visuals, clever puzzle design and an engaging story.  Where this story leads, we’d love to find out, as the underground facility holds many questions and Sunnie is an intriguing character we’d love to know more about.

Note: On the third level, the game may bug out and not allow you to leave the path until you speak to Sunnie, but speaking to her just results in her saying ‘Eh?’.  If this happens, just restart the game and it should work fine.

Download the First Alpha Demo HERE (First 2 Levels)

Download the Second Alpha Demo HERE (Third Level)