Meteora – Student Game

Meteora is a beautiful hand drawn puzzle platforming adventure where you can switch between seasons to alter the game world.

In Meteora you control a young looking man who happens to be the son of the God of Seasons. Being the son of the God of Seasons has its benefits – particularly the fact that you can instantly change the season at the touch of a button.

The two seasons you can switch between are Summer and Spring. Summer is essentially just the default game world with the sun shining and lots of beautiful scenery. Switching to Spring however makes it rain, causing lakes to fill with water (and wood to float on top) and platforms and vines to grow. However, thorny bushes and tree-trunk walls grow during the Spring so you’ll need to switch back to Summer to pass them.

The puzzles in Meteora are fairly simple, but it’s fun being able to switch seasons at the touch of a button and the artwork looks fantastic. A charming little puzzle platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Download Meteora Here (Windows)