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Michael E Michael

Michael E Michael pits two Michael Jacksons against each other in intense one-on-one Michael Vs Michael moonwalking arena battles armed only with your fists, your lasers and your dance moves.

Using the charming isometric pixel art visual style from the classic Moonwalker game, Michael E Michael is packed with fun MJ soundbytes and cool special moves.  Gameplay is set in an isometric arena with just two Michaels and some spawning collectable glowing orbs to power-up your special dance moves.  You can attack with Spacebar or Return, but the most fun moves are the specials, which are performed by tapping a direction twice.

It’s a very silly game, that offers some fast paced and fun MJ Vs MJ action.  Just beware – a match will last for less than a minute, but that chip-tune version of Smooth Criminal will stick in your head for days!

Note: Double-tap the directional keys for some spectacular special moves!

UPDATE: Game No Longer Available