Micro Arcade – Game Jam Build Download

Micro Arcade is a fun little first person game where you move a tiny little character around the controls of an arcade cabinet to make them play a 3D tank game!

Created for the Video games Lab Game Jam 2021, in Micro Arcade you have gone to play the T.A.N.K. game at your local video game arcade. However, you don’t pay for the game with cash, you pay for it with your height, and you’ve now sacrificed 90% of it – which makes playing the actual game a little difficult!

The actual gameplay of the T.A.N.K. game is fairly simple – you just have to drive a tank around, avoid hazards and blow up 20 targets. However, your diminutive size makes this a little tricky. You push the directional joystick around to point you in the right direction, stand on the accelerate and decelerate buttons to control your speed, and you can stand on the Fire button to blast any targets in your crosshairs.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with a clever premise that makes great use of its novel control system. You’ll be surprised how much accuracy you have with the tank once you get used to it. Just try not to fall off the cabinet at a vital moment!

Download or Play Micro Arcade Here (Windows & Browser)