Micromancer – Game Jam Build


Micromancer is a charming pixel art action strategy game in which you reanimate corpses to fight in your undead army, recruiting slain enemies as you go.

You start each level in with just your necromancer king, a powerful sorcerer who is unable to fight but has the nifty ability to raise the dead and form an army.  You start each level by raising the dead from nearby gravestones and sending them out to slaughter humans.  Your zombies won’t be a match for armed humans in a one-on-one fight, so you’ll have to swarm them with numbers, re-animating the corpses of the slain humans on-the-fly to amass an undead army.

With it’s excellent pixel art animation and novel dead-raising gameplay, which effectively turns your enemies into allies, Micromancer is a blast. A great little undead action strategy game you’ll be dying to play.

Check Out The Micromancer Ludum Dare Page HERE

Play Micromancer HERE

3 thoughts on “Micromancer – Game Jam Build”

    • Here’s an idea. Name the characters and when you introduce new characters show the name of them. Skeleton, warrior, redneck, mage (thats as far as I am idk if there are more). Guess I’ll find out!

      • Now I’m sad I just finished the game. Make more levels please! Takes me hours to find a decent game on here and I really wanted to play more of the game

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