Midnight Fight Express – Beta Demo

Midnight Fight Express is an isometric brawler adventure where you can channel your inner John Wick as you fight your way through a city filled with goons to beat up.

In Midnight Fight Express you are a sleeper agent who has been activated to help prevent a criminal organisation from taking over the city. You’re vastly outnumbered, but you are accompanied with a drone who gives you useful pointers and you have a wide range of attacks at your disposal to show those criminals who’s boss.

Midnight Fight Express plays a little like an isometric version of Streets of Rage, but the combat has much more depth. You can pick up and use a wide variety of weapons (including guns), you can parry/counter and there are lots of unlockable skills, such as finishers and grapple-based attacks.

The demo built of Midnight Fight Express features a nice selection of levels, complete with bonus challenges with unlockables. It’s a lot of fun, with a Batman Arkham-esque flow to the combat and lots of different ways to beat your enemies into a pulp. Highly recommended.

Download The Midnight Fight Express Beta Demo Here (Steam)