Midnight Grub Session – Game Jam Build

Midnight Grub Session is a fun little Metal Gear Solid parody where your aim is to sneak around your house at night and eat enough snacks to get “dummy thicc” without getting caught by your partner.

In Midnight Grub Session you control Jim, a skinny guy on a mission to get dummy thicc. You get thicc by sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night and eating junk food that is scattered around the house. However, the more food you eat and the fatter you get the more your ass cheeks clap together as you walk around. If your ass cheeks clap together too loudly (or if you get spotted by a security camera) then your wife will wake up and go in search of the disturbance, at which point you’d better hide or you’ll be in trouble!

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, the “snactical espionage action” gameplay of Midnight Grub Session makes for an easily accessible and funny take on the stealth genre. Considering the time restraints of the jam the pixel art animation is excellent and the game is packed full of funny moments and great little touches – such as the Codec style conversations between you and your boss. A great little slice of stealth snacking well worth taking a bite out of.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Midnight Grub Session Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)